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Puerto Vallarta Signature Pinnacle Pool

Welcome to Our Puerto Vallarta! We first visited Puerto Vallarta in November of 2014. We stepped off the plane and something just hit both of us. A true sense or relaxation, a stress free environment and a place we could call home. We stayed in Signature by Pinnacle a new property managed by Resorts by Pinnacle. It is a block from the ocean/beach and a walk to dozens and dozens of restaurants and other venues. We fell in love with the building right away. We were welcomed as if we were moving in – even though we were just renting a condo in the building. We were intrigued that everything was maintained on site for renters. We loved that! We moved on to the beach for the rest of the day and to dinner that evening.

The next day we began to seriously see ourselves buying a place in Puerto Vallarta. We began to look around, ask questions, talk to real estate agents and our numerous friends who already owned in Puerto Vallarta. We ended up focusing on the building we were staying in as it fit all of our needs and desires for a condo in Puerto Vallarta. As the week progressed, so did our desire to buy! We are not impulsive people so it was strange to see us both moving so fast together to do this. We ended up purchasing a condo in Signature by Pinnacle and having Resorts by Pinnacle manage our unit to maintain the onsite experience for our renters.

We are closing in on two years of owning our condo. We have zero regrets, have experienced a wonderful community, friendly people and best of all, we feel so safe in Puerto Vallarta. We walk around the streets of Old Town and Zona Romantica at all hours and have never felt unsafe.

From the shows each high season at the Red Room and Act II to the great entertainers at the local bars around town, fine restaurants and most importantly the stress free feel we have every time we arrive we just can’t say enough about “Our Puerto Vallarta!”